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Routing Workflow Manager

Compass automates the ingestion and distribution of, as well as the tracking and access to, medical imaging studies among disparate clinical and enterprise imaging IT systems. Regardless of the size or complexity of the organization, it can ensure that new studies are delivered to the right radiologist or clinical specialist, at the right time, irrespective of the number of locations. Compass can also provide an EMR a unified list of all instances of a patients’ imaging studies and trigger Navigator to ensure that the correct prior imaging studies are available, even if they reside on multiple facilities PACS or VNA systems.

Enterprise Imaging Capabilities

We strive to help merged and acquired organizations solve their unique enterprise imaging challenges, such as the need to ensure visibility and access to all of a patient’s relevant medical images regardless of where they reside. Compass enables healthcare providers to easily implement and manage a scalable imaging workflow layer that enhances the interoperability between multiple PACS, VNA, and clinical IT environments to ensure they effectively communicate with each other.


The ability of Compass to act as a gateway to ensure that medical imaging studies are properly identified and associated with the correct patient, originating location and study description enables:

  • Creation of site-specific workflows that depend upon the interoperability of otherwise incompatible modalities, systems and workflows that span technology domains.
  • Automated distribution of DICOM and non-DICOM imaging studies and HL7 files to multiple reading and archiving locations.
  • Improved radiology department productivity and clinical report accuracy by automatically including DICOM SR measurement data in the radiologists report
  • Time of day, sub-specialty and location specific teleradiology workflow.

Compass is a fast and flexible DICOM router and replicator for DICOM C-Store requests and HL7 messages. With Compass, modalities easily store to multiple destinations without the hassle of repeated resends. Flexible mapping rules and simplified configuration mean modalities can store and route directly via Compass, with a wide variety of rules including day of week and time of day, making Compass the most powerful DICOM and HL7 message router on the market today.

Enterprise scalability meets the needs of the largest integrated health systems.

Compass is built upon a modularly scalable architecture that can serve the high throughput and sophisticated workflow needs of the largest integrated healthcare networks. Capabilities include query spanning with filtering, HL7 message routing, non-DICOM file transport, support for all DICOM message types, load balancing, and DICOM Structured Report (SR) data extraction.

Imagine the impact on your workflow if you could:

  • Route, Replicate, Monitor, Schedule & Alter DICOM Store Jobs or HL7 messages
  • Manage unlimited sources & destinations
  • Identify and/or retrieve all exams for a given patient from multiple, disparate archives with a single request
  • Facilitate the interconnection of incompatible devices using tag morphing filters
  • Route or multiplex DICOM store jobs based on any DICOM tag
  • Use HIPAA compliant, secure, encrypted communication
  • Integrate events and actions with HL7 communications
  • Drag-and-drop study import & route capability using “hot-folders”
  • Parse DICOM Structured Reports and route DICOM data to integrated dictation and transcription systems

Compass is now available in the following versions:


Routing of HL7 messages.


Direct, in-line DICOM message router.


Store & forward DICOM studies with unlimited nodes.


Combines Direct and Store for ultimate DICOM configurability, performance and scalability.

Feature Comparison

Comparison of features in versions of Compass

Compass runs on dedicated hardware or a virtual machine.

The latest release is Version 2.10.2.

Recommended Minimum Requirements

HL7 Direct Store Pro
Windows OS (standard/server) 10; 2012
MS-SQL server version + Management Studio Express Express Express* Express*
Memory (RAM) 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB
Processor i5 i5 i7 i7
Hard Drive 500 GB 250 GB 500 GB 500 GB
# of network (NIC) cards (Gigabit) 1* 1* 1* 1*
Supports high-availability configurations Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Optional features, functions and/or data volume may dictate server upgrades. Microsoft SQL Standard and/or multiple NICs may be preferred for higher performance.

High-Availability Configuration

Standard Windows Failover Cluster (physical or virtual) – Minimal configuration:

  • Windows Server 2012  or newer
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 x64
  • Microsoft SQL Management Studio for SQL Server 2012 x64

Compass Overview

Check out this quick introduction to Compass and see it in action.

Introduction to Compass

Learn about the features and capabilities of the Compass routing workflow manager.

Compass Versions

Compare the available versions of Compass and discover its upgrade options and system requirements.

Compass Clients

What Clients are Saying

"Integration of Compass into our Image Gateway was a seamless transition for our customers and enhanced our ability to help them meet complex clinical workflow needs, with the security and reliability our customers demand."
Gene CatheyCEO, FINAO Solutions
"The Compass workflow solution has revolutionized our Cerner downtime process by reducing the likelihood of human error and saving radiologist time. It has eliminated the need to manually place an order, choose the correct report template and add identifying demographics."
David E. Moore, MDRadiologist, Asheville Radiology
"With its myriad of routing options, Compass has met and exceeded every requirement we had. It's very intuitive, stable and flexible in our many configurations. We are very pleased with the support and upgrades we get from Laurel Bridge in a timely manner."
Jim OesterritterSourceHOV, Louisville, Kentucky
"I have found the Compass DICOM Store & Forward Router to be incredibly flexible and reliable. Compass has been able to resolve a number of long-standing DICOM problems we have had at our facility. I highly recommend Compass."
Brian SivillCardioPACS Coordinator, BryanLGH Medical Center
"Freeport Health Network recently received the Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award from the ASA. This was in part because our Compass router automatically ensures CT studies are delivered to the local radiologist and the remote teleneurologist necessary to support the time critical stroke intervention process."
Eric DittmarEnterprise Imaging Specialist, Freeport Health Network
"Compass enabled us to build a site-specific worklist that reduced report turn around time to our customers."
Josh HammondDirector of IT, American Radiology Associates
"I always felt that Compass was the strongest point in our CPACS infrastructure and once configured is something I could pretty much just count on working. A great product!"
Gary FelixCardio PACS Admin, Children's Hospital & Med Center, Omaha
"Compass is a turnkey DICOM router with intelligent routing rules. It is easy-to-configure and easy-to-deploy. We got Compass up and running in an hour and the system works great! As for support, very responsive and knowledgeable!"
Domini MSenior PACS Admin, North Cypress Medical Center
"The Compass product is wonderful and we are constantly looking at ways to use it better."
Ben ArnoldPACS Admin., Memorial Health, Chattanooga
"Using the Compass router is clearly a benefit, both for automation and throughput. It has been great to have your team’s support during our evaluation, installation and configuration."
David DonohueDirector, Information Services, Skagit Radiology, Inc.