USImage Properties

DICOM Connectivity Framework V3.4

The USImage type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAccessionNumber
NDE: AccessionNumber, (0008,0050), VR=SH, VM=1
Public propertyAcquisitionNumber
NDE: Acquisition Number, (0020,0012), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyBitsAllocated
NDE: Bits Allocated, (0028,0100), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyBitsStored
NDE: Bits Stored, (0028,0101), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyBurnedInAnnotation
NDE: Burned In Annotation, (0028,0301), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyCertifyingInspectorName
NDE: Certifying Inspector Name, (0008,1060), VR=PN, VM=1-n
Public propertyColumns
NDE: Columns, (0028,0011), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyComponentIdNumber
NDE: Component ID Number, (0010,0020), VR=LO, VM=1
Public propertyComponentName
NDE: Component Name, (0010,0010), VR=PN, VM=1
Public propertyComponentOwnerName
NDE: Component Owner Name, (0008,0090), VR=PN, VM=1
Public propertyContentDate
NDE: Content Date, (0008,0023), VR=DA, VM=1
Public propertyContentTime
NDE: Content Time, (0008,0031), VR=TM, VM=1
Public propertyDataSet
The ultrasound image dataset.
Public propertyDetectorType
NDE:Detector Type, (0018,7004), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyExaminationNotes
NDE: Examination Notes, (0032,4000), VR=LT, VM=1
Public propertyExpiryDate
NDE: Expiry Date, (0014,1020), VR=DA, VM=1
Public propertyFrameofReferenceUid
NDE: Frame of Reference UID, (0020,0052), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertyHighBit
NDE: High Bit, (0028,0102), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyImageComments
NDE: Image Comments, (0020,4000), VR=LT, VM=1
Public propertyImageOrientationOfPatient
NDE: Image Orientation (Patient), (0020,0037), VR=DS, VM=6
Public propertyImagePositionOfPatient
NDE: Image Position (Patient), (0020,0032), VR=DS, VM=3
Public propertyImagerPixelSpacing
NDE: Spatial Resolution, (0018,1050), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyImageType
NDE: Image Type (0008,0008), VR=CS, VM=1-n
Public propertyInspectingCompanyName
NDE: Inspecting Company Name, (0008,1048), VR=PN, VM=1-n
Public propertyInspectorName
NDE: Inspector Name, (0008,1050), VR=PN, VM=1-n
Public propertyInstanceNumber
NDE: Instance Number, (0020,0013), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyInternalDetectorFrameTime
NDE: Internal Detector Frame Time, (0014,3011), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyKvp
NDE: KVP, (0018,0060), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyLaterality
NDE: Laterality, (0020,0060), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyLinacEnergy
NDE: LINAC Energy, (0014,5002), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyLinacOutput
NDE: LINAC Output, (0014,5004), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyLossyImageCompression
NDE: Lossy Image Compression, (0028,2110), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyManufacturer
NDE: Manufacturer, (0008,0070), VR=LO, VM=1
Public propertyManufacturersModelName
NDE: Manufacturer's Model Name, (0008,1090), VR=LO, VM=1
Public propertyModality
NDE: Modality, (0008,0060), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyNumberofFramesIntegrated
NDE: Number of Frames Integrated, (0014,3012), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyOperatorName
NDE: Operator Name, (0008,1070), VR=PN, VM=1-n
Public propertyPhotometricInterpretation
NDE: Photometric Interpretation, (0028,0004), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyPixelData
NDE: Pixel Data, (7FE0,0010), VR=OW or OB, VM=1
Public propertyPixelRepresentation
NDE: Pixel Representation, (0028,0103), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyPixelSpacing
NDE: Pixel Spacing, (0028,0030), VR=DS, VM=2
Public propertyPlanarConfiguration
NDE: Planar Configuration, (0028,0006), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyPositionReferenceIndicator
NDE: Position Reference Indicator, (0020,1040), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyRescaleIntercept
NDE: Rescale Intercept, (0028,1052), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyRescaleSlope
NDE: Rescale Slope, (0028,1053), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyRows
NDE: Rows, (0028,0010), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertySamplesPerPixel
NDE: Samples per Pixel, (0028,0002), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertySeriesInstanceUid
NDE: Series Instance UID, (0020,000E), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertySeriesNumber
NDE: Series Number, (0020,0011), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertySliceLocation
NDE: Slice Location, (0020,1041), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertySliceThickness
NDE: Slice Thickness, (0018,0050), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertySoftwareVersions
NDE: Software Versions, (0018,1020), VR=LO, VM=1-n
Public propertySopClassUid
NDE: SOP Class UID, (0008,0016), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertySopInstanceUid
NDE: SOP Instance UID, (0008,0018), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertySpecificCharacterSet
NDE: Specific Character Set, (0008,0005), VR=CS, VM=1-n
Public propertyStudyDate
NDE: Study Date, (0008,0020), VR=DA, VM=1
Public propertyStudyDescription
NDE: Study Description, (0008,1030), VR=LO, VM=1
Public propertyStudyId
NDE: Study ID, (0020,0010), VR=SH, VM=1
Public propertyStudyInstanceUid
NDE: Study Instance UID, (0020,000D), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertyStudyTime
NDE: Study Time, (0008,0030), VR=TM, VM=1
Public propertyWindowCenter
NDE: Window Center, (0028,1050), VR=DS, VM=1-n
Public propertyWindowWidth
NDE: Window Width, (0028,1051), VR=DS, VM=1-n
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