TlsConnection Methods

DICOM Connectivity Framework V3.4

The TlsConnection type exposes the following members.


Protected methodClientRemoteCertificateValidationCallback
This is the client-side certificate validation callback.
Public methodClose
Closes the TLS stream (pass-through).
Public methodConnectAsClient
Initiates authentication of the TLS connection as a client.
Public methodConnectAsServer
Initiates authentication of the TLS connection as a server. Authentication exception thrown for null certificatesPropagate exceptions thrown from TlsStream
Public methodGetAuthenticationInformation
Formats information about the state of the underlying SslStream. This method is based on example code from the MSDN documentation of SslStream.
Public methodStatic memberGetCertificateInformation
Formats information about the given X509 certificate.
Public methodGetConfigurationInformation
Formats information about the configuration of the TLS connection.
Public methodGetSecurityState
Formats information about the security state of the TLS connection.
Public methodIsSecure
Checks whether the TLS connection is encrypted, authenticated, and signed.
Public methodRead
Reads from the TLS stream (pass-through).
Protected methodServerRemoteCertificateValidationCallback
This is the server-side certificate validation callback.
Public methodWrite(Byte)
Writes to the TLS stream (pass-through).
Public methodWrite(Byte, Int32, Int32)
Writes to the TLS stream (pass-through).
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