DoubleBufferedPanel Methods

DICOM Connectivity Framework V3.4

The DoubleBufferedPanel type exposes the following members.


Protected methodDispose
Clean up any resources being used.
(Overrides ControlDispose(Boolean).)
Protected methodOnMouseDown
OnMouseDown event override.
(Overrides ControlOnMouseDown(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseMove
OnMouseMove event override.
(Overrides ControlOnMouseMove(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseUp
OnMouseUp event override.
(Overrides ControlOnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPaint
OnPaint event override.
(Overrides ControlOnPaint(PaintEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPaintBackground
OnPaintBackground event override.
(Overrides ScrollableControlOnPaintBackground(PaintEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPanning
Pan changed event called when panning an image
Protected methodOnZoomChanged
Zoom changed event called when setting the Zoom property of the current image.
Public methodResetZoom
Reset the image zoom to fit to window and resets the zoom index
Protected methodUpdateScaleFactor
Adjust the auto scroll size given the current apparent image size
Protected methodUpdateScrollPosition
Update the current auto scroll position and redraw the image
Public methodZoomToWindow
Fit the loaded image to fill the current screen.
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