USImage Class

DICOM Connectivity Framework V3.4
An example USImage class to demonstrate loading and or creating a DICONDE image.
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Namespace:  LaurelBridge.DCFExamples.BitmapToNde
Assembly:  BitmapToNde (in BitmapToNde.exe) Version: DCF34 r12431 DCF_3_4_38_20200923 NetFramework

public class USImage

The USImage type exposes the following members.


Public methodUSImage
Default constructor creates a new DicomDataSet and initializes a number of tags that are known for US Image.
Public methodUSImage(DicomDataSet)
Constructor with a dataset. No checks are performed to make sure the dataset elements are legal for USImage.

Public propertyAccessionNumber
NDE: AccessionNumber, (0008,0050), VR=SH, VM=1
Public propertyAcquisitionNumber
NDE: Acquisition Number, (0020,0012), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyBitsAllocated
NDE: Bits Allocated, (0028,0100), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyBitsStored
NDE: Bits Stored, (0028,0101), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyBurnedInAnnotation
NDE: Burned In Annotation, (0028,0301), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyCertifyingInspectorName
NDE: Certifying Inspector Name, (0008,1060), VR=PN, VM=1-n
Public propertyColumns
NDE: Columns, (0028,0011), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyComponentIdNumber
NDE: Component ID Number, (0010,0020), VR=LO, VM=1
Public propertyComponentName
NDE: Component Name, (0010,0010), VR=PN, VM=1
Public propertyComponentOwnerName
NDE: Component Owner Name, (0008,0090), VR=PN, VM=1
Public propertyContentDate
NDE: Content Date, (0008,0023), VR=DA, VM=1
Public propertyContentTime
NDE: Content Time, (0008,0031), VR=TM, VM=1
Public propertyDataSet
The ultrasound image dataset.
Public propertyDetectorType
NDE:Detector Type, (0018,7004), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyExaminationNotes
NDE: Examination Notes, (0032,4000), VR=LT, VM=1
Public propertyExpiryDate
NDE: Expiry Date, (0014,1020), VR=DA, VM=1
Public propertyFrameofReferenceUid
NDE: Frame of Reference UID, (0020,0052), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertyHighBit
NDE: High Bit, (0028,0102), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyImageComments
NDE: Image Comments, (0020,4000), VR=LT, VM=1
Public propertyImageOrientationOfPatient
NDE: Image Orientation (Patient), (0020,0037), VR=DS, VM=6
Public propertyImagePositionOfPatient
NDE: Image Position (Patient), (0020,0032), VR=DS, VM=3
Public propertyImagerPixelSpacing
NDE: Spatial Resolution, (0018,1050), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyImageType
NDE: Image Type (0008,0008), VR=CS, VM=1-n
Public propertyInspectingCompanyName
NDE: Inspecting Company Name, (0008,1048), VR=PN, VM=1-n
Public propertyInspectorName
NDE: Inspector Name, (0008,1050), VR=PN, VM=1-n
Public propertyInstanceNumber
NDE: Instance Number, (0020,0013), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyInternalDetectorFrameTime
NDE: Internal Detector Frame Time, (0014,3011), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyKvp
NDE: KVP, (0018,0060), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyLaterality
NDE: Laterality, (0020,0060), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyLinacEnergy
NDE: LINAC Energy, (0014,5002), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyLinacOutput
NDE: LINAC Output, (0014,5004), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyLossyImageCompression
NDE: Lossy Image Compression, (0028,2110), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyManufacturer
NDE: Manufacturer, (0008,0070), VR=LO, VM=1
Public propertyManufacturersModelName
NDE: Manufacturer's Model Name, (0008,1090), VR=LO, VM=1
Public propertyModality
NDE: Modality, (0008,0060), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyNumberofFramesIntegrated
NDE: Number of Frames Integrated, (0014,3012), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyOperatorName
NDE: Operator Name, (0008,1070), VR=PN, VM=1-n
Public propertyPhotometricInterpretation
NDE: Photometric Interpretation, (0028,0004), VR=CS, VM=1
Public propertyPixelData
NDE: Pixel Data, (7FE0,0010), VR=OW or OB, VM=1
Public propertyPixelRepresentation
NDE: Pixel Representation, (0028,0103), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyPixelSpacing
NDE: Pixel Spacing, (0028,0030), VR=DS, VM=2
Public propertyPlanarConfiguration
NDE: Planar Configuration, (0028,0006), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertyPositionReferenceIndicator
NDE: Position Reference Indicator, (0020,1040), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyRescaleIntercept
NDE: Rescale Intercept, (0028,1052), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyRescaleSlope
NDE: Rescale Slope, (0028,1053), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertyRows
NDE: Rows, (0028,0010), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertySamplesPerPixel
NDE: Samples per Pixel, (0028,0002), VR=US, VM=1
Public propertySeriesInstanceUid
NDE: Series Instance UID, (0020,000E), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertySeriesNumber
NDE: Series Number, (0020,0011), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertySliceLocation
NDE: Slice Location, (0020,1041), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertySliceThickness
NDE: Slice Thickness, (0018,0050), VR=DS, VM=1
Public propertySoftwareVersions
NDE: Software Versions, (0018,1020), VR=LO, VM=1-n
Public propertySopClassUid
NDE: SOP Class UID, (0008,0016), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertySopInstanceUid
NDE: SOP Instance UID, (0008,0018), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertySpecificCharacterSet
NDE: Specific Character Set, (0008,0005), VR=CS, VM=1-n
Public propertyStudyDate
NDE: Study Date, (0008,0020), VR=DA, VM=1
Public propertyStudyDescription
NDE: Study Description, (0008,1030), VR=LO, VM=1
Public propertyStudyId
NDE: Study ID, (0020,0010), VR=SH, VM=1
Public propertyStudyInstanceUid
NDE: Study Instance UID, (0020,000D), VR=UI, VM=1
Public propertyStudyTime
NDE: Study Time, (0008,0030), VR=TM, VM=1
Public propertyWindowCenter
NDE: Window Center, (0028,1050), VR=DS, VM=1-n
Public propertyWindowWidth
NDE: Window Width, (0028,1051), VR=DS, VM=1-n

Public methodStatic memberLoadImage
Factory method to return a USImage object given the current Options.
Public methodSave
Save this IOD as a chapter 10 file to the given ndePath, using the specified transferSyntaxUid.

This class contains a plethora of helper properties that aid in creating or accessing DicomElements. This class uses the NDETags class for defining element tags, and the properties have the same name as the tags.
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