AssociationRejectionExampleServerGetSessionSettings Method

DICOM Connectivity Framework V3.4
Return the session settings for the given association acceptor.

Namespace:  LaurelBridge.DCFExamples.AssociationRejection
Assembly:  AssociationRejection (in AssociationRejection.exe) Version: DCF34 r12731 DCF_3_4_44_20210603 NetFramework

public DicomSessionSettings GetSessionSettings(
	AssociationAcceptor assoc


Type: AssociationAcceptor
The AssociationException

Return Value

Type: DicomSessionSettings
the session settings

This contrived example chooses to reject the association if the SCU's IP address, calling AE title, and called AE title are not present in hardcoded arrays for the sake of simplicity. A more robust solution might allow only certain AE titles from certain IP address ranges. Moreover, this information can be persisted in another manner (eg, a separate configuration file, database, etc.).

Also note that this example shows how to restrict the AllowedPresentationContexts as a function of an AE title, and this functionality happens in the BeginAssociation method.

Although it is common to see a DICOM application/device restricted to a single AE title, this example shows that an application can be called with different AE titles, allowing AE title dependent functionality.

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