LaurelBridge.DCFExamples.PdfToDicom.IOD Namespace

DICOM Connectivity Framework V3.4
The PdfToDicom.IOD namespace contains some additions for newer sequence items and IODs needed for EncapsulatedPDFs.

Public classBreedRegistrationSequence
Class containing information identifying an animal within a breed registry.
Public classBreedRegistryCodeSequence
Class containing the identification of the organization with which an animal is registered.
Public classDeidentificationMethodCodeSequence
Class describing the mechanism or method used to remove the patient's identify.
Public classEncapsulatedPdf
Defines the Encapsulated PDF IOD from chapter 3 of the 2015c DICOM specification. Type 3 attributes from the Encapsulated PDF IOD are omitted; included only when part of a macro whose type indicates it is not optional.
Public classEncryptedAttributesSequence
Class containing all attributes that were removed or replaced by other values in the main data set.
Public classHL7StructuredDocumentReferenceSequence
Sequence of items defining mapping between HL7 Instance Identifiers of unencapsulated HL7 Structured Documents referenced from the current SOP Instance as if they were DICOM Composite SOP Class Instances defined by SOP Class and Instance UID pairs. May also define a means of accessing the Documents.
Public classPatientBreedCodeSequence
Class defining the breed of the patient.
Public classPatientSpeciesCodeSequence
Class defining the species of the patient.
Public classSourceInstanceSequence
Class that identifies the set of Instances that were used to derive the encapsulated document.