EncapsulatedPdf Class

DICOM Connectivity Framework V3.4
Defines the Encapsulated PDF IOD from chapter 3 of the 2015c DICOM specification. Type 3 attributes from the Encapsulated PDF IOD are omitted; included only when part of a macro whose type indicates it is not optional.
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Namespace:  LaurelBridge.DCFExamples.PdfToDicom.IOD
Assembly:  PdfToDicom (in PdfToDicom.exe) Version: DCF34 r12731 DCF_3_4_44_20210603 NetFramework

public class EncapsulatedPdf

The EncapsulatedPdf type exposes the following members.


Public methodEncapsulatedPdf
Default constructor creates a new DicomDataSet.
Public methodEncapsulatedPdf(DicomDataSet)
Constructor with a dataset. No checks are performed to make sure the dataset elements are legal for EncapsulatedPdf.

Public propertyAccessionNumber
Tag: Accession Number, (0008,0050), VR=SH, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyAcquisitionDateTime
Tag: Acquisition DateTime, (0008,002A), VR=DT, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyBreedRegistrationSequence
Tag: Breed Registration Sequence, (0010,2294), VR=SQ, VM=1, Type=2C
Public propertyBurnedInAnnotation
Tag: Burned In Annotation, (0028,0301), VR=CS, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertyConceptNameCodeSequence
Tag: Concept Name Code Sequence, (0040,A043), VR=SQ, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyContentDate
Tag: Content Date, (0008,0023), VR=DA, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyContentTime
Tag: (0008,0033), VR=TM, VM=1, Content Time, Type=2
Public propertyConversionType
Tag: Conversion Type, (0008,0064), VR=CS, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertyDataSet
Get/Set the Dicom dataset backing this IOD.
Public propertyDeidentificationMethod
Tag: De-identification Method, (0012,0063), VR=LO, VM=1-n, Type=1C
Public propertyDeidentificationMethodCodeSequence
Tag: De-identification Method Code Sequence, (0012,0064), VR=SQ, VM=1, Type=1C
Public propertyDocumentTitle
Tag: Document Title, (0042,0010), VR=ST, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyEncapsulatedDocument
Tag: Encapsulated Document, (0042,0011), VR=OB, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertyEncryptedAttributesSequence
Tag: Encrypted Attributes Sequence, (0400,0500), VR=SQ, VM=1, Type=1C
Public propertyHL7InstanceIdentifier
Tag: HL7 Instance Identifier, (0040,E001), VR=ST, VM=1, Type=1C
Public propertyHL7StructuredDocumentReferenceSequence
Tag: HL7 Structured Document Reference Sequence, (0040,A390), VR=SQ, VM=1, Type=1C
Public propertyInstanceNumber
Tag: Instance Number, (0020,0013), VR=IS, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertyListOfMIMETypes
Tag: List of MIME Types, (0042,0014), VR=LO, VM=1-n, Type=1C
Public propertyManufacturer
Tag: Manufacturer, (0008,0070), VR=LO, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyMIMETypeOfEncapsulatedDocument
Tag: MIME Type of Encapsulated Document, (0042,0012), VR=LO, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertyModality
Tag: Modality, (0008,0060), VR=CS, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertyNumberOfSeriesRelatedInstances
Tag: Number of Series Related Instances, (0020,1209), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyNumberOfStudyRelatedInstances
Tag: Number of Study Related Instances, (0020,1208), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyNumberOfStudyRelatedSeries
Tag: Number of Study Related Series, (0020,1206), VR=IS, VM=1
Public propertyPatientBirthDate
Tag: Patient's Birth Date, (0010,0030), VR=DA, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyPatientBreedCodeSequence
Tag: Patient Breed Code Sequence, (0010,2293), VR=SQ, VM=1, Type=2C
Public propertyPatientBreedDescription
Tag: Patient Breed Description, (0010,2292), VR=LO, VM=1, Type=2C
Public propertyPatientID
Tag: Patient ID, (0010,0020), VR=LO, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyPatientIdentityRemoved
Tag: Patient Identity Removed, (0012,0062), VR=CS, VM=1, Type=3
Public propertyPatientName
Tag: Patient's Name, (0010,0010), VR=PN, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyPatientSex
Tag: Patient's Sex, (0010,0040), VR=CS, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyPatientSpeciesCodeSequence
Tag: Patient Species Code Sequence, (0010,2202), VR=SQ, VM=1, Type=1C
Public propertyPatientSpeciesDescription
Tag: Patient Species Description, (0010,2201), VR=LO, VM=1, Type=1C
Public propertyPixelPaddingValue
Tag: Pixel Padding Value, (0028,0120), VR=US or SS, VM=1, Type=1C
Public propertyReferringPhysicianName
Tag: Referring Physician's Name, (0008,0090), VR=PN, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyResponsibleOrganization
Tag: Responsible Organization, (0010,2299), VR=LO, VM=1, Type=2C
Public propertyResponsiblePerson
Tag: Responsible Person, (0010,2297), VR=PN, VM=1, Type=2C
Public propertyResponsiblePersonRole
Tag: Responsible Person Role, (0010,2298), VR=CS, VM=1, Type=1C
Public propertySeriesInstanceUID
Tag: Series Instance UID, (0020,000E), VR=UI, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertySeriesNumber
Tag: Series Number, (0020,0011), VR=IS, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertySOPClassUID
Tag: SOP Class UID, (0008,0016), VR=UI, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertySOPInstanceUID
Tag: SOP Instance UID, (0008,0018), VR=UI, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertySourceInstanceSequence
Tag: Source Instance Sequence, (0042,0013), VR=SQ, VM=1, Type=1C
Public propertySpecificCharacterSet
Tag: Specific Character Set, (0008,0005), VR=CS, VM=1-n, Type=1C
Public propertyStudyDate
Tag: Study Date, (0008,0020), VR=DA, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyStudyID
Tag: Study ID, (0020,0010), VR=SH, VM=1, Type=2
Public propertyStudyInstanceUID
Tag: Study Instance UID, (0020,000D), VR=UI, VM=1, Type=1
Public propertyStudyTime
Tag: Study Time, (0008,0030), VR=TM, VM=1, Type=2

Public methodToString
Returns the dump of this IODs backing dataset.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)

This IOD contains items from the Patient Module related to species and breed if the patient were an animal. Many of these sequences are optional and not required if the patient is human. Query/Retrieve View (0008,0053) and Conversion Source Attributes Sequence (0020,9172) were omitted.
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