Options Properties

DICOM Connectivity Framework V3.4

The Options type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCertificate
Get X509Certificate2 from TlsCertificate pathname and TlsCertPassword
Public propertyCertificatePassword
The client TLS certificate password.
Public propertyEnabledTlsProtocols
Gets the TLS security protocols supported.
Public propertyHost
The host of the Echo SCP.
Public propertyPort
The port number on which to perform the FIND or MOVE.
Public propertyTls10Enabled
True to enable the TLS 1.0 protocol.
Public propertyTls11Enabled
True to enable the TLS 1.1 protocol.
Public propertyTls12Enabled
True to enable the TLS 1.2 protocol.
Public propertyTlsAllowSelfSigned
Allow self signed certificates is the not of the command line option TlsRejectSelfSigned.
Public propertyTlsClientCertificate
The TLS client certificate filename.
Public propertyTlsEnabled
True to enable any TLS protocol, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2.
Public propertyTlsIgnoreCertificateNameMismatch
Ignore certificate mismatch errors.
Public propertyTlsRejectSelfSigned
Reject self-signed client certificates.
Public propertyTlsSendClientCertificate
Do we send TLS client certificate.
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