#                                                    #
#  Waypoint 1.2.5                                    #
#  2017-2019, Laurel Bridge Software                #
#                                                    #
#  Version History                                   #
#                                                    #

Changes in 1.2.5 (2019-01-28):

 - Added support for DICOM verbose logging.  When the log level is set to DICOM Verbose, DCF writes detailed logs of all association and PDU messages.
 - Added a configurable login warning banner.
 - Waypoint supports AE Rule configuration that can be applied to the UPS-RS SearchForUPS RESTful query.  See User Manual section 4.5.1 UPS-RS SearchForUPS for more information.
 - Memory improvements with the in-memory SQLite database context.
 - Waypoint client has been updated to accurately display Accepted, Released, Rejected and Aborted counts for association requests since startup.  The grid displays a summary of all associations.  Rejected associations will have one of the following reasons: Bad Calling Title, Bad Called Title, Bad IP Address, Bad Transfer Syntax, Source is Disabled, Limit Exceeded
 - Fixed an issue with the association counters on the Windows UI.
 - Fixed an issue with AE title mode with the Worklist provider.
 - Fixed an issue where DICOM logging could not be enabled on the Worklist provider.
 - Worklist User Source IP configuration must be either Allow Any or an IP Address.  Hostnames are no longer allowed because it makes Waypoint dependent on the DNS Server.
 - Orders page now supports multi-select to easily delete a group of orders.
 - Waypoint Web interface allows you to create and delete worklist items from the database.  This is used for encounter based exams that did not come from the HIS.
 - Responses are now populated with the Affected SOP Class UID field.
 - License information can now be displayed from the web interface.
 - The unencrypted DICOM listen port can be configurably disabled now. If disabled, the TLS DICOM listen port must be enabled.
 - Fixed an issue where changing the DICOM listen port required a restart of the service to take effect. The service no longer needs to be restarted.
 - Support for UPS-RS Web Service: SearchForUPS.  The response is compliant with DICIOM PS3.18 2017c section F.2 DICOM JSON Model.
 - Waypoint 1.2.3 and above require .NET Framework 4.7.2 to be installed.  Launching the Waypoint Client displays a dialog box that redirects you to the Microsoft Download Page for .NET Framework 4.7.2 if it is not already installed.

Changes in 1.2.4 (2018-12-05):

 - Extended the certificate validity period.

Changes in 1.2.3 (2018-10-31):

Changes in 1.2.2 (2018-10-09):

 - Waypoint now supports time range queries.  When specified, the study time range is appended to each date in the study date range to find the query responses.
 - Recommend setting Waypoint Database properties with Initial Size 3000 MB and Autogrowth By 64 MB, Unlimited.
 - Create an in-memory cache of worklist orders with Scheduled Procedure Step Start Date between yesterday and tomorrow for very fast query response.
 - - Cleaned up some incorrect audit log messages.
- Audit log messages containing PHI can now be suppressed from the local Waypoint logs.
 - AE rules now support filter replacement strings.

Changes in 1.2.1 (2018-09-12):

Changes in 1.2.0 (2018-07-16):