#                                                    #
#  PowerTools 2.0.4                                  #
#  2009-2019, Laurel Bridge Software                #
#                                                    #
#  Version History                                   #
#                                                    #

Changes in 2.0.4 (2019-09-04):

 - The Indexer now has a command line option to pull from a nested sequence.
 - Query Server now has support for multi-valued instance UIDs in C-Move, improved accuracy for calculated tags in C-Find queries, and more precise feedback for failed queries.
 - Dicom File Editor now has efficient loading, saving, and memory use for very large DICOM objects.
 - Dicom File Editor has performance enhancements for viewing images with large numbers of slices and structured reports with large numbers of sequences.
 - HL7 Sender now has a diagnostic mode that enables the user to turn off sending of HL7 message framing characters.
 - The element editor in the Dicom File Editor now presents a Generate UID button for certain elements.
 - Structured Report Extractor now optionally highlights negation terms in mapping file search term fields.
 - Structured Report Extractor now optionally flags custom mapping fields longer than a configurable maximum length.

Changes in 2.0.3 (2019-06-04):

 - Structure Report Extractor now supports zoom in and zoom out of data grids and can optionally present the search terms that matched mapping file fields in the resulting auto text dictionary output.
 - Conductor now has ability to control Waypoint.
 - Numerous usability and output graphing enhancements are now in Conductor.
 - The user is now presented with feedback when images cannot be deleted from the Store Server association list.
 - Improved behavior of Verification Server in unexpected connection loss.
 - Numerous GUI look and feel improvements have been incorporated.
 - Experimental console-based RisSimulator and ModalitySimulator tools are included in PowerTools installation.
 - Verification Client now reports elapsed time upon completion.
 - SR Report Extractor support the '-' syntax to disallow search terms when matching.

Changes in 2.0.2 (2019-01-31):

 - TLS support is now present in MWL Client & Server, Query Client & Server, Verification Client & Server, and Store Client & Server.
 - The Dicom File Editor now supports mouse drag window width and window level adjustment on the image view panel.
 - The user manual contains installation tips and troubleshooting and more extensive descriptions of newer features.
 - The Study Generator now allows selection of a DICOM file as a generation template.
 - User interfaces have a redesigned look & feel to integrate TLS support into client and server applications.

Changes in 2.0.1 (2018-12-14):

 - The Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package is now included in the PowerTools installer.
 - Dicom File Editor has improved drag and drop handling for DICOMDIRs and directories.
 - Dicom File Editor now supports sorting instances in the tree view panel by instance number.
 - Error and warning fields in the header view of the Dicom File Editor now have improved contrast.
 - Dicom File Editor now correctly preserves carriage returns when editing text elements.
 - Additional 64-bit DCF 3.4 support has been added across all PowerTools applications.
 - Store Client now reports finer granularity of progress using both images sent and PDU bytes sent.
 - Management of FIPS enforcement policies is now controllable for all applications, for individual applications, or using wildcards to specify applications using the fips.bat script.
 - Query Client now has a new item in the Options menu to conveniently add all supported calculated attribute tags to a query for testing and demo purposes.
 - Verification Client and Verification Server now support TLS secure connections.
 - Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64) is now required in order to run PowerTools applications.
 - Improved TLS support added to HL7 Sender and HL7 Receiver.

Changes in 2.0.0 (2018-10-09):

 - Study Generator can now generate images up to 500 MB in size.
 - All PowerTools applications are now 64 bit, and are based on the DCF 3.4 DICOM toolkit.
 - PowerTools now relies on the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 which should be installed separately before running any PowerTools applications.
 - Store Server now displays an End Time and Duration column for each association and a calculated secs/image tooltip when the mouse is hovered over an End Time or Duration value.
 - Study Generator applies a more randomly distribution of image generation and storing delays when multiple associations are sent simultaneously using the random delay option.
 - Extended data dictionary now expects DCF 3.4 format. Legacy format is still supported.
 - Store Server has improved image storage and image directory clearing behavior.