#                                                    #
#  Compass 2.7.10                                    #
#  2008-2019, Laurel Bridge Software                #
#                                                    #
#  Version History                                   #
#                                                    #

Changes in 2.7.10 (2019-11-25):

 - Improvements related to ICMP ping functionality.

Changes in 2.7.9 (2019-11-15):

 - Fixed an issue that could occur while performing an ICMP ping via the "Test" button on the Destination configuration screen.

Changes in 2.7.8 (2019-10-25):

 - Updated the DICOM library to DCF 3.3.64.
 - Minor UI enhancements.

Changes in 2.7.7 (2019-10-04):

 - Added the ability to export Sources, Destinations, Rules, and Job Actions to a file. A single entry can be exported, or the entire list can be exported. These entries can then be imported later to the same copy of Compass, or a different copy of Compass. Entries that are dependent on other entries will fail to import if the dependency is not present.
 - Improvements to HL7 inbound connection counts during database connectivity outages.
 - "First PDU Read Timeout" is now configurable via the DICOM System tab.

Changes in 2.7.6 (2019-09-03):

 - Added the transfer syntax 1.2.840.10008. (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile / Level 4.1) to the list of available transfer syntaxes.
 - The Disk Folder destination transport type now allows a wider selection of characters for folder and file names.
 - Compass now supports HL7 hotfolders. See the user manual for more details.
 - Stability improvements when trying to move the images directory while another process currently has it open.
 - Fixed an issue where the priority of a failed HL7 job could not be changed.
 - Stability improvements when handling corrupted user configuration files.
 - Stability improvements for partially defined filters.
 - The Compass service now has a dependency on the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator service.
 - Fixed an issue where the "Edit Supported SOP Classes" link was not enabled if DICOM Input was running.
 - A minimum size is now enforced on Compass' WinForms' UI.
 - Context menu items for "Add", "Remove", and "Copy" have been added to the DICOM and HL7 job action lists.
 - Data from a cell or row can now be copied from the Supported SOP Classes dialog.
 - Data from a cell or row can now be copied from the DICOM jobs table, HL7 jobs table, DICOM Inbound Association table, and HL7 Inbound Connection table.
 - A search textfield has been added to the Supported SOP Classes dialog.

Changes in 2.7.5 (2019-06-04):

 - Specifying AE titles longer than 16 characters is now allowed in order to communicate with non-compliant devices.
 - Compass now requires the user to log back in to the web UI if the browser was closed and reopened.
 - Stability improvements when handling HL7 jobs during database connectivity issues.
 - The "Test" button on the Destination screen is always enabled now.

Changes in 2.7.4 (2019-05-08):

 - Minor installer improvement.

Changes in 2.7.3 (2019-04-29):

 - Auto-logout enhancements in the web UI.
 - Active Directory enhancements.

Changes in 2.7.2 (2019-03-23):

 - Minor web improvements.

Changes in 2.7.1 (2019-03-21):

 - Added a command line switch to the Compass Client that will manually perform the following: 1) Install the ASP.Net Core IIS Express prerequisite (if needed), 2) Configure the IIS Express TLS certificate bindings, and 3) Configure the IIS Express URL bindings. This will allow customers who do not want to run the Compass Service as user NTAUTHORITY\SYSTEM to manually install the necessary web bindings as an administrator.
 - Added a utility method for converting DICOM encapsulated PDFs to one or more DICOM secondary capture objects.
 - Improved the user manual documentation regarding web configuration changes that require elevated permissions. See section 2.6 of the user manual for more information.
 - Added notifications to the main WinForms UI notifying the user of an expired or soon-to-expire certificate.

Changes in 2.7.0 (2019-03-07):

 - Fixed a minor dashboard reporting issue for destinations with the heartbeat functionality disabled.
 - The Compass client process no longer makes connections directly to the database; instead, it uses an API provided by the Compass service process.
 - The DICOM and HL7 jobs tables are now paginated. The number of displayed results in configurable.
 - PS360 SystemID is now a configurable setting. The default value is 1.
 - Compass now requires .NET Framework 4.7.2