#                                                    #
#  Compass 2.5.5                                     #
#  2008-2018, Laurel Bridge Software                #
#                                                    #
#  Version History                                   #
#                                                    #

Changes in 2.5.5 (2018-09-07):

 - Active Directory enhancements.

Changes in 2.5.4 (2018-08-13):

 - Added a utility method for converting PDF to DICOM.
 - Added a user config file validation step to the Compass Client startup procedure.

Changes in 2.5.3 (2018-06-29):

 - Fixed an issue where 0's in the IP address of a Source definition were being treated as wildcards. *'s can now be used as a wildcard instead of 0 (zero).
 - Load balancing failover improvements in direct routing mode.
 - Better handling of network issues during reverse DNS lookups.
 - Notification of certificate expiration has been changed from 1 week to 2 weeks.

Changes in 2.5.2 (2018-06-18):

 - Additional utility methods are available to custom code.
 - Improved the handling of the "Max Simultaneous" setting of load-balanced destinations.
 - Fixed an issue with HL7MappingSendAction with Images Only option when there were only non-image DICOM objects in the job.
 - Active Directory enhancements.
 - Data Integration post processing actions can now access the current store job record such that demographic data from job images can be transmitted to a dictation system.
 - Support converting DICOM encapsulated PDF to HL7 Encapsulated PDF.
 - Improvements to handling association counts when query spanning DIMSE relayers.

Changes in 2.5.1 (2018-04-18):

 - Improvements to handling association counts when load balancing DIMSE relayers.
 - An additional validation step has been added to the Options form that does not allow a hot folder source to be created if the license does not allow Store-and-Forward routing.
 - Improvements to the TLS authentication timeout setting for immediate mode jobs.
 - Minor log message improvements.
 - Destination "Test" button now checks the result of the DICOM C-Echo for success. Previously, any response was considered successful, regardless of the status.
 - Fixed an issue with the date picker on an HL7 web source.
 - Fixed an issue with resetting the web user Administrator password.
 - An audit log message is generated now when an authorized user downloads images via the web user interface.
 - Improved the job retry logic for PowerScribe job actions.

Changes in 2.5.0 (2018-03-06):

 - Added mModal HL7 template to the user manual.
 - AuditLogUsed audit log message is now logged when the local audit log is accessed.
 - The ordering of the destinations in the Rules tab's "Selected Destionations" list is now preserved.
 - Compass will now try indefinitely to convert Pending jobs to Queued during database connectivity issues.
 - Added instructions to Appendix D of User Manual describing how to manually configure HTTP Strict Transport Security (optional web security feature).
 - Added configurable support for HL7 TLS client authentication.
 - Added configurable support for DICOM TLS client authentication.
 - Added support for handling DICOM TLS wildcard and SAN certificates.
 - Audit log messages are now mirrored to the Compass logs (in addition to being sent to the syslog server). This involved a couple of related changes:
   * CompassClient now logs to a new set of rolling log files with a "-client" suffix.
   * CompassWeb now logs to a new set of rolling log files with a "-web" suffix.
 - The passwords for the default web users (i.e., administrator and compass) have changed due to a new security policy. See the User Manual (Section 6.1.6) for details.
 - AuditLog client now logs to Compass logs.
 - Multiple modality values can now be specified in a view filter on the Compass Windows GUI jobs viewer.
 - Improved error handling for hotfolders containing illegal path characters, as well as improved error handling during empty folder cleanup.
 - Added filled-out Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security document to release documentation.
 - The maximum number of backup configuration files is now configurable. See Appendix E of the user manual for more information.
 - DICOM inputs will be automatically stopped if available disk space drops below cutoff threshold (default = 10%). This behavior can be configured under Edit > DICOM Options > Notifications.
 - Improved InstancesAccessed audit log message to identify whether Compass Windows UI or Compass Web UI accessed the DICOM instance.
 - CompassClient can now be optionally configured to require the following:
   * Password validation at startup
   * Administrative privileges in order to run (enabling this also locks down the Compass data directory for administrator access only)
 - Added Compass Privacy and Security Statement as Appendix A in User Manual.
 - Fixed an issue with default values on DICOM Sequences in HL7 variable interpolation.
 - Authenticode signatures now use SHA256 instead of SHA1.