#                                                    #
#  Compass 2.4.12                                    #
#  2008-2018, Laurel Bridge Software                #
#                                                    #
#  Version History                                   #
#                                                    #

Changes in 2.4.12 (2018-01-22):

 - Fixed an issue when routing inbound TOPS connections to an outbound Immediate Mode connection.

Changes in 2.4.11 (2018-01-10):

 - Additional logging improvements.

Changes in 2.4.10 (2018-01-10):

 - Added minimal support for client authentication (not configurable).
 - DIMSE messages are written to the log file only once now, after filters are applied.
 - Updated Laurel Bridge icon to new gold theme.
 - Improved error handling for hotfolders containing illegal path characters, as well as improved error handling during empty folder cleanup.

Changes in 2.4.9 (2017-12-06):

 - Fixed DICOM TLS wildcard and SAN certificate handling.

Changes in 2.4.8 (2017-12-04):

 - Added filled-out Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security document to release documentation.
 - Fixed an issue when resetting the web administrator's password.
 - Added Compass Privacy and Security Statement as Appendix G in User Manual.

Changes in 2.4.7 (2017-11-10):

 - Stability improvements related to transitioning jobs from Pending to Queued when intermittent database connectivity issues are encountered.
 - Improvements to the web UI when intermittent connectivity issues are encountered.
 - Improved handling of imported configuration files containing an image location that points to a non-existent drive.

Changes in 2.4.6 (2017-10-27):

 - The passwords for the default web users (i.e., Administrator and compass) have changed due to the new security policy. See the User Manual (Section 6.1.6) for details.
 - Active Directory improvements.
 - Web configuration improvements.

Changes in 2.4.5 (2017-10-10):

 - Fixed an issue with default values on DICOM Sequences in HL7 variable interpolation.

Changes in 2.4.4 (2017-10-04):

 - Fixed installer issue.

Changes in 2.4.3 (2017-09-25):

 - Improved parsing of Bone Densitometry (DEXA) SR's when using dictation system integration job actions.
 - Auto-logout on a secure screen (i.e., potentially containing PHI) will cause the browser to return to the status screen. Note that this behavior is disabled by selecting the auto-refresh option.

 - Added the ability to configure the Base DN, user name and password. Added the ability to configure multiple groups for a role. The string is comma-delimited. See the user manual for more information.

 - All Compass executables are now Authenticode-signed with the publisher "Laurel Bridge Software, Inc.".
 - Rule conditions that inspected the value of a Date, Time, DateTime, or Double value have changed their behavior to return false if the value is not parseable as that type (which includes an empty value). The previous behavior would cause the  association to be terminated. Note that this new behavior will cause the current image to potentially proceed further down the list of rules until a potential match is found.
 - Added a "Matched Rules" column to both the DICOM and HL7 job tables that indicate which rule or rules the image(s) matched. For DICOM, if multiple rules were matched, the list of rules will be backslash delimited.
 - Added a configurable option that allows a web user to log in to multiple IP addresses simultaneously. The default behavior is to not allow multiple logins.
 - Web users can now change their own passwords without requiring an Administrator's assistance.
 - Improved the error message that gets displayed when a currently logged-in user attempts to log in via a second computer.
 - Added two new operators, IsEmpty and IsNotEmpty, that can be applied to elements of type DA, TM, DT, and string.
 - The Compass Web User Administration screen now includes an option, "Require Secure Passwords", that makes the following changes to the local user (non-LDAP) security policy:
* increases the minimum password length from 8 characters to 12 characters
* increases password complexity from requiring just uppercase and lowercase letters to requiring uppercase and lowercase letters and one or more numbers.
 - Added a "Low Level Logging" attribute to the settings dialog for both Sources and Destinations that provides more granular control of the types messages written to the log files. See the user manual for additional information.
 - When sending to a destination via TOPS, the error message has been improved when no context id is available for the current presentation context.
 - The amount of time to wait for receiving an Associate-Release PDU is now configurable.
 - Added a new "Transfer Syntax" rule condition that provides the capability to test the exact transfer syntax of the current image, or just whether it's compressed or uncompressed.

Changes in 2.4.2 (2017-08-03):

 - Fixed an issue with date formatting on the web order entry page.
 - Fixed an issue with the source IP address not populating correctly in the web UI.

Changes in 2.4.1 (2017-08-03):

 - Web UI enhancements for handling long lists of destinations.
 - Improvements to stable study jobs.
 - The "Import Configuration..." menu item is now properly disabled when HL7 Input is running.
 - Web user accounts can now be imported and exported via the Web User Administration dialog.
 - The web user interface has been completely overhauled as of the 2.4.0 release:
   * The new UI is mobile friendly.
   * The redesign includes a new process named CompassRestServiceModelCore.exe that runs alongside the other processes.
   * Numerous security enhancements have been added.
   * Web usernames and passwords are now stored in the database instead of the CompassData.sdf file on disk. Any preexisting usernames and passwords will be imported into the database during the upgrade process.
   * See the user manual for additional details and screenshots.
 - Changes to the audit logging configuration no longer require a restart to take effect.

Changes in 2.4.0 (2017-07-19):

 - Compass now requires .NET 4.6.2 be installed.
 - Pad characters are now stripped from DICOM values according to DICOM VR rules before inserting into HL7 messages.
 - Added integration to send biometric data from a DICOM SR to M*Modal Fluency in a DICOM job action.
 - Support failover destinations for Direct Routing scenarios.
 - Compass Web interface now supports HTTPS.

 - Compass Web supports LDAP for user log on.
 - Support Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016.
 - Compass Web administrator password can be reset from the Compass Windows client for installations not using LDAP.
 - Compass web auto timeout is now configurable.
 - Starting and stopping inputs and outputs now runs on a background thread to avoid locking up the UI.
 - Added a description field to all sources, destinations, rules, and job actions (saved in the config file). Added a last-changed-by (username) and last-changed-on (date) field to the config file (displayed as part of the tooltip when hovering over one of the above-mentioned descriptions).

 - Added a built-in job action that is capable of integrating with AllScripts.
 - Upgraded HL7 library to LaurelBridge.HL7.dll 1.2.2
 - Added a built-in job action that is capable of receiving HL7 messages, extracting relevant data for reporting purposes, and sending the report data to a PS360 web API.
 - Bookmarks have been added to the Compass User Manual.
 - Bookmarks have been added to the DICOM conformance statement.
 - Fixed a bug where the built-in web user accounts could be removed if the default case of that user account was altered.
 - Added support for a custom subject prefix and suffix for email notifications.

 - Fixed an issue where the order of the columns in the jobs table would occasionally not be preserved.
 - Audit logging support for Compass is now complete. Audit logging to a syslog server is supported using:
  * UDP [port 514 by default]
  * TCP [port 601 by default]
  * TLS (1.0, 1.1, 1.2) [port 6514 by default]
   Messages are logged for the following events:
  * Application start/stop
  * Input/output start/stop
  * DICOM instance network transfers
  * DICOM instance import/export
  * Web user login/logout
  * Web user add/remove/role change/password change (web interface)
  * Job cloning/status change/priority change/removal (web interface)
 - Added a dialog to display and operate on the list of images that could not be purged.
 - Improved error logging in the PS360 job action.
 - Compass now searches the Compass bin folder for DICOM libraries prior to searching anywhere else.
 - Now using .NET AwayFromZero for roundoff in PS360 operations.
 - Added shortcuts to switch between views:
  * Ctrl-D for DICOM view
  * Ctrl-H for HL7 view
 - Added a /dbconfig command line switch to CompassClient to allow editing of the DB configuration.
 - Encrypted connections to SQL Server are now supported and configurable. Also, the max database connection pool size is now configurable.
 - CompassClient now shows a MessageBox indicating post-DB-initialization failure when the DB is okay but an exception is thrown during initialization of the servers (DICOM/HL7). The exception thrown by the servers when they cannot create the compass-data-directory now shows the directory name in the Windows Event Viewer Application Log.
 - New audit logging configuration dialog added to *Options=>System screen.
 - Upgraded DICOM library to DCF 3.3.56c.
 - Initial Release