Greg Muller (2nd from L) in #AskIndustry Vendor Discussion Panel at SIIM 2017.

Muller (2nd from L) at 2017 #AskIndustry Panel.

Director of Business Development Greg Muller will participate as a panelist during the #AskIndustry Session of the SIIM 2017 Annual Meeting. The session is entitled Mitigating Risk and Creating Value: Enterprise Image Capture and Management and will be presented on Thursday, June 1, 2017 from 12:15 to 1:15 pm in the Exhibit Hall Theater of the Science & Innovation Pavilion and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Enterprise Imaging comes in a variety of formats from myriad of devices. In this session, we will talk to vendor staff with experience and insights to explore approaches for connecting these devices, collecting images and information, and storing them for effective management.


  • Understand the breadth of enterprise imaging data types and source devices.
  • Identify the type of approaches being used to capture and manage enterprise images for supporting care decisions and diagnosis.
  • Determine how enterprise images, left unmanaged, can create clinical and legal risk.

More information is available in the program schedule announcement for this talk on the SIIM 2017 web site.

Greg Muller, Director of Business Development Greg Muller
Director of Business Development
Laurel Bridge Software