One or more Images have been successfully sent to Compass, but these Images are not being sent to the correct destination(s)

  • Most likely of this issues is a rule configuration error:
    • Verify that the rule is enabled and that conditions are correctly specified
    • Verify that there is not rules that are no incorrectly matched rules, looking for images that match a rule in a way that was unintended
    • Verify that the “Discard Instance” action was not unintentionally selected
    • Verify that “Report errors for non-routed images” is checked
    • Enable logging for the Source
      • Logging captures the header data for each image along with the rule matching information
      • Be sure to disable logging after the problem has been resolved.
      • It is recommended to use this logging information only for specific troubleshooting, as logging can generate a large amount of data and negatively impact Compass and system (especially on a virtual machine) performance.