Compass doesn’t appear to be accepting the SOP class that is being sent

This is an example that illustrates a scenario where you might need to add a SOP class UID to the Compass list of supported SOP classes.

  • I am trying to send Cardiac US to Compass. I see that Ultrasound Multiframe Image Storage SOP class is acceptable by Compass, however it is not accepting images sent from the US cart.
  • Compass by default supports Ultrasound Multiframe Image Storage, with a SOP class UID of 1.2.840.10008.
  • There is another similar SOP class that is retired: Ultrasound Multiframe Image Storage (Retired), with a SOP class UID of 1.2.840.10008.
  • This UID is not in Compass’ default list of supported sop class UIDs. If this is what your device is sending, it’s easy to add it.
  • First, you’ll need to stop Input and Output on Compass.
  • Then go to the System tab on the Options dialog.
  • Click the “Edit Supported SOP Classes” link and add the UID and its name to the list.
  • Restart the Compass Input and Output and the retired SOP class should now be accepted.