In a June 13, 2018 article 4 Ways Consumerism will Affect Women’s Health Practices on, authors Jef Williams and Barbara Smith from Paragon Consulting Partners make the case for meeting the changing and consumer-driven needs in the women’s healthcare industry with technological agility. The article supports the use of of appropriate software tools and solutions as a way to meet the significant challenges of advanced imaging systems.

Laurel Bridge Software asserts that our Enterprise Imaging Workflow Solutions are ideally aligned with the topics discussed in this article. Existing Laurel Bridge solutions, including Compass, Navigator, and Exodus can be part of an agile, medical imaging ecosystem that provides the superior service, experience, technology, quality, and affordability that the article argues is necessary to compete in this evolving marketplace.

Read more: Jef Williams and Barbara Smith. 4 Ways Consumers will Affect Women’s Health, June 13, 2018. [Download]