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Laurel Bridge Announces Partnership with Australian Distributor

2017-12-26T17:34:02+00:00September 21st, 2010|

Laurel Bridge Software is pleased to announce that it has established a strategic partnership with Imaging Solutions, Pty Ltd. in Queensland, Australia to distribute its DICOM software applications and tools to the Australian and New Zealand healthcare industry. Under this relationship, Imaging Solutions receives an exclusive right to distribute Laurel Bridge Software products in their [...]

Compass Version 2.1 Released, Includes TOPS Support

2017-12-26T17:34:05+00:00September 10th, 2010|

Laurel Bridge Software, Inc. announces release of version 2.1 of CompassTM,its sophisticated, rules-based DICOM store and forward routingapplication for DICOM store jobs. Compass was enhanced to include acustom transfer protocol, Throughput Optimization Protocol Service(TOPS), to transmit DICOM images over the internet or wide area networkin an efficient, and optionally secure (SSL), fashion. Read the press [...]