Laurel Bridge Software announces the release of PowerTools version 1.0.35 which contains a variety of important enhancements, including:

  • The HL7 Receiver and HL7 Sender each have a redesigned user interface with selectable message logging levels.
  • The Study Generator has a new “retry on error” mode with a configurable maximum number of retries and delay between retries, the extended capability to generate images in sizes up to 300 MB, and the ability to select the desired transfer syntax for store operations.
  • The Store Server has a configurable limit on the number of associations kept in the receive list, can optionally keep the most recently received association visible, maintains the list in ascending or descending receive order, supports “autorun” on application start up, can present received associations in ascending or descending order, persists sort order on application restart, and supports individually selectable transfer syntaxes for each Store Server Profile.
  • The Verification Client has improved command line scripting capabilities and can now send a configurable number of c-echos with a configurable delay and start up a configurable number of send threads.

More details are available on the PowerTools page.